“The Drive to Create”

For over 30 years, DCi has developed, created and produced some of the most unique and imaginative film and video content in the industry.

This site contains examples of that work in scripted and unscripted television, feature films and documentaries. “Click” one of the category links at the top of this page to preview some of that content.

“Scripted Television”
This page provides an overview of several of our available scripted series. Here you’ll discover a remarkable diversity of themes, and stories, richly-drawn characters and the times and places they inhabit.

“Unscripted Television”
These pages contain examples of original observational and occupational television series, music and travel programming, do-it-yourself shows, and comedy series starring some well-known celebrities and entertainment icons.

On this page you will find story overviews of four of our available feature screenplays. Each is unique, powerful and compelling; filled with remarkable characters, conflict and drama.

Four examples of our most recent documentary work can be found on this page. Our documentary production has taken us across America and all around the world. Their themes range from investigative to human interest, and the subjects are distinctive.

For more information, to request scripts or copies of completed projects, please contact us.